What We Do

Retail West Properties provides all the services need to bring a commercial development to successfull fruition.

For Us, that means delivering exceptional service that meets and surpasses our client’s expectations.

Pre-Development Analysis

There are a variety of issues that must be resolved before any commercial development project can begin.

Has there been due diligence in reviewing titles, in having comprehensive site inspections, in considering environmental issues and in having thorough geo-tech surveys completed?

In addition to overseeing such activities and securing the right personnel to carry them out, Retail West Properties will help facilitate all the necessary zoning, governmental and other jurisdictional land use approvals and permits.

We will also work with our various banking and other financial partners to ensure that sufficient funding will be available for the project.

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Legal and Financial Issues

Any commercial development faces a number of hurdles, many of them time-consuming and complicated, before any construction can hope to begin. Retail West Properties’ extensive experience in moving projects through the zoning, governmental and other jurisdictional land use approval and construction permits processes means less headaches for our clients. We expedite each process, keep to or exceed schedules and effectively manage expenses..

Retail West Properties’ experience and established contacts mean we can help minimize the legal and regulatory obstacles a project may face and ensure the project moves forward on a solid financial basis.


Design and Construction

At Retail West Properties we work to partner our clients with architects, engineers and contractors who will provide the right mix of expertise and experience to ensure the project’s success. Our team will oversee the design process and optimize resources, as well as handle the bidding to all trades and suppliers.

After overseeing pre-construction coordination, we will manage the project schedule, maintain quality control and provide field supervision in addition to administering construction financing.

Our goal is always to see that the project is completed on time and within budget.
We make the entire process simple and efficient for our tenant clients.

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