Dave & Buster’s opening means economic growth

Tucson, AZ

Dave and Buster’s is opening at the Tucson Marketplace on Monday, April 3. The restaurant is bringing more than just entertainment to Tucson, it is also a sign of economic growth for the south side.

Dave and Buster’s, along with other businesses in the area, is one of the first things out-of-town visitors are going to see when they hop off the plane and make their way into Tucson. Dan Gibson with Visit Tucson said it is a great first impression.

Gibson said the south side is growing and Dave and Buster’s choosing that side of town evidence of that.

“The opening of Dave and Buster’s is a tremendous signal in two different ways,” said Mike Varney President and CEO of Tucson Metro Chamber. “More national companies are choosing to locate in Tucson and the fact they selected the rapidly growing region of Tucson’s south side is a very good sign of economic growth in that area.”